Digging up what you’ve just planted

I have met many smart people in the automotive business. Quite frankly, much smarter than I am. For some of them however, their M-O is shared in other offices, board rooms, and sales platforms around the globe. They simply come up with brilliant ideas, implement these great ideas, and then promptly abandon the ideas because the results are not quite happening as fast as they would like. The problem is, they want the results NOW. So they are in a constant state of plucking their newly planted idea up from the roots.

All good ideas that are implemented take some time to bear fruit. There must be an idea acted upon, a launch of a particular process, a refining period, and finally a run of success using the process to reap the rewards of the initial good idea that was acted upon.

Why in the world do leaders not recognize that their constant change of direction keeps them in a constant “planting” stage? After the planting, there must be a time for watering, and fertilizing, and sunlight, and most important – TIME to grow.

I have also seen leaders fired from their job because they could not “fix” what the previous leader (or leaders) have screwed up over the last several years. And worse, they could not fix it in 6 month’s time. Let’s be real, it is analogous to going into debt; it takes one shopping spree to max out a credit card and years to pay it off. In the same line of thinking, a previous manager, GM, or executive runs a business into the ground, and someone in an ivory tower believes it can all be fixed in 6 months. Hogwash. Worse yet, they just keep replacing people every 6 months and wondering why it is not getting “fixed”. What they are really doing is digging up what they just planted. #LETITGROW

Author: ebtgains

Stephen is a seasoned leader in the automotive industry. He has a unique blend of achieving results, with an extremely high level of satisfaction for both the guest and the employee. Having a solid background in service and parts, there is a daily sense of urgency to maximize each opportunity. He is a process driven GM for a public automotive group with a passion for personal and professional growth. He is always maximizing EBT opportunities and is open and willing to share ideas and results.

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