What if a Celebrity Walked In?

Imagine yourself at your place of business, and suddenly a celebrity walks in. What happens next is simply amazing. All of the staff have a heightened awareness of every move the person makes. There is a sense of wanting to make the person feel comfortable. The celebrity is called by their name and offered a beverage. Extra customer service is given. More smiles are present. Everyone in the facility shows respect and gives attention to the celebrity’s every need.

WHAT IF! What if we treated each guest as if they were a HUGE celebrity. What if, when a normal unassuming person walks through the door, everyone employed at your place of business treats that guest as if they were the biggest celebrity ever?

Soon, and very soon, there would be such anticipation from the public to visit your place of business based on word of mouth advertising, that you would have to expand. People from all over would want to work there. You would be surrounded by employees who genuinely care to make each guest feel like a King or Queen.

So, what are we waiting for? If we make each guest feel like a celebrity, soon enough we will be elevated to one ourselves, as people love other people who make them feel important.

Long Live the?

So, as my family and I were out for the evening, I was taken back by a young girl who stopped to hold the door for us as she was exiting and were entering a building. Then it dawned on me; why on earth would that stand out? Have we have truly forgotten what good manners look like? It seems that most people are so self absorbed, have their face stuck in their phone, oblivious to others around them, simply don’t care, are grossly narcissistic, or – ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I remember a day, when I was younger, that it was normal to say please and thank you. It was normal to yield to someone else. It was normal to give up your seat for a woman or an elder. It was normal to hold doors for those coming after us. In fact, if you did not do these things, you were seriously looked down upon. Now we live in a world where if someone is polite and holds a door, we find it odd and certainly the anomaly.

Let’s get back to being the difference makers. There should not be an expiration on good manners. The good people of the U.K. say “Long Live the Queen”, because they know at some point it will end and they are trying to prolong the reign. We should not be saying “Long Live Good Manners”, as if it too has an expiration.

Painting the Outhouse Does not Take the Stink Away

So many times, people feel that a job change will solve all of their issues. It is always someone else, if you’d ask them. Either their boss is a pain in the neck; their pay is not good enough; there is not enough opportunity; they are not appreciated as they expect; and more.

Truth be told, if we would take the time to invest in ourselves, magically, our environment would seem to get better. Get a hair cut and . . . SHA-ZAM, you instantly feel better. Get a new suit or professional clothing, and the same result happens. Read books on personal development and leadership, and begin to change your thoughts from ” I’m a victim” to “I NEED TO CHANGE”.

Once the victim mentality diminishes and the new self emerges, everyone should be willing to fire themselves (figuratively speaking) and re-hire the more productive, better attitude, better dressed self. Unfortunately for most, a job change will still produce the same result until they do more than just paint the outhouse.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Cut the cord, pull off the band aid, sever employment, etc. Whatever you’d like to call it, it nevertheless needs to be done. Anyone in a position of leadership has from time to time, hired the wrong person. I mean the totally wrong person, not just someone who is mediocre. Once it has been determined to be a very bad hire, the necessary steps to remove that person, need to take place. And, the quicker the better. Most of the time, a bad hire occurs from making a decision from a point of weakness, rather than strength.

When hiring, it is always better to hire slowly. When we are shorthanded, we want to hire quickly, and that is when the mistakes start to happen. We can sometimes hire to fill the position that is empty, rather than hire the best possible candidate. If we hire slowly, it weeds out many candidates that just “want out” of their current job and do not care where they land. We want candidates that “want in” to the opportunity we are offering, more than they “want out” of their current job.

Once we have identified a bad hire, we must act swiftly. It is never an opportunity to put someone down and make them feel bad about “why” we are removing them. We should speak the facts of how the person is not meeting the basic needs of the position, encourage them to land on their feet, and close the door for other possible positions within the company. In doing so, there will be light at the end of the tunnel and certainly will not be a train coming the other way. However, if we do not act swiftly, the collateral damage can be huge. The damage can range anywhere between employee moral to lost customers, and more. In that case, the light at the end of the tunnel will indeed be a train coming the other way.

How to Turn the Hulk into a House Cat

How can I do this you ask? Very easily. That’s how. Follow me here; customers only turn into the Hulk when their concerns are not resolved. Think about your personal life. When was the last time a person from a particular company irritated you beyond belief? Think back. When that happened, was there someone to speak to? Did they exceed your expectations and resolve your concern in a quick and professional manner? If they did, it was over and behind you. If they did not, and avoided your calls and/or emails, you most likely began to turn green, your muscles popped out, and your clothes tore off. At that point, you could easily see yourself ripping someone’s head clean off their body.

Why do you think you are any different than your customers. When a customer complains, FIX IT! Acknowledge their concern quickly and resolve it to the best of your ability as quickly as humanly possible. Most times it plays out like this; you get a voicemail or an email and you avoid returning the call or email like the plague, because let’s face it, you’re afraid of being yelled at. When you hit the pause button on a customer, simply because you do not want to be uncomfortable, you get them a bit more mad. It is like a thermometer, or should we say angry-ometer. The more you put them off, the higher their “temperature”. So, they call again, email again, and give you a poor online review. What do you do? Put it off even longer. Now, your customer is the full blown Hulk and nothing short of your head on a silver platter will do.

Customers are usually reasonable. Most humans are not opportunists. They feel they have a legitimate concern. Listen to them. Look for an opportunity to empathize. Get others involved in the solution if need be. Yes, it is uncomfortable. Yes, you might get yelled at. But, by waiting too long, it only gets worse. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER. Run into the mess with all intentions of solving your customer’s riddle. I promise if you do, they will not turn green. In fact, in the end, they will probably be as tame as a house cat.

Participant or Spectator?

You’ve heard it said that you’re either the participant or the spectator, the pavement or the steamroller, or in this case, the hawk or the squirrel.

Life is going by, and at a very rapid rate, I might add. For too many, the parade of life is passing us by and we are on the sidewalk of life, simply observing the action. There are many studies that say we will spend upward of 5 years on social media alone in our lifetime. 5 years. Let that sink in. On our death bed, what would we give if we could have that 5 years back to enjoy the people that matter, visit the places we never had the chance to, or experience moments that we let slip by?

Consider being  a participant in life. Read more books. Spend more time just thinking. Travel more. Be grateful more. Speak well of people. Enjoy the moment in front of you. Smell the roses. Be in awe of the rain. Look at the stars on a clear night. Relax, and be in the moment more than you worry, or are anxious over things that have not happened yet.

So what will it be; will you be a spectator or a participant?


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@intentionallywick, @markpsweeney

Half-Full? . . . YES!

“Your attitude is the fertilizer that grows your success or it is the poison that kills it”

It is a choice. You either see it half-full or half-empty. Be a “half-full kind of person. Instead of spending your time giving all of the reasons something will not work, won’t be sold, or won’t fall into place, be the person who thinks “how CAN it work”, “How CAN I sell it”, or “how CAN it fall into place”.

Christopher Columbus did not discover our land by saying “we’ll just push off from Spain even though the world is probably flat and we’ll probably not find anything of significance”. He most likely said “GET IN! We’re off to find something great!”.

Attitude is a HUGE portion of whether we succeed or fail. Attitude (good or bad) is contagious. Are you a chronic complainer? Stop it and change your vocabulary. I am quite confident it is not as bad as it could be. In fact, I assure you; IT CAN GET WORSE. I once heard someone say “when someone spits on you, they do not make you mad. They make you wet. You decide to get mad”. I know that’s a bit over the top, but the principal makes total sense. It is how we look at a situation, how we approach a set-back, how we handle rejection, how we deal with disappointment, and how we overcome failure that matters. We can either have a poor attitude, complain, make excuses, and belly ache about anything and everything, or we can have a glass-half-full attitude towards the very same issues. The proverbial “when life deals you lemons, you make lemonade” attitude. Your attitude is the fertilizer that grows your success or it is the poison that kills it. The choice is totally up to you. Should you see it half-full . . .YES! Will you see it half-full? That is up to you.