Simple Advice for Achieving Your Goals

I highly recommend setting goals for 2021. But not only setting them; also mapping out a plan to achieve them. You must set the big-picture goal and then break it down to what you need to do monthly in order to achieve the goal. Then you will need to break it down even further to map out what you will need to do daily to hit the monthly goal, which will allow you to hit the yearly goal.

Most people come into the new year like they were shot out of a cannon and then lose steam by the middle of January and subsequently, never hit their goals.

This can happen for many reasons. Usually, people confuse wishing with planning and hoping for achieving. Hoping and wishing are a poor strategy. Think about it, if you needed to go to the grocery store, hoping you have gas in the car does not produce any gas in the car. You must have gas, or get gas. It is intentional. Wishing you had money in your account to pay for the groceries does not give you money in you account. It must be planned and executed.

But for some reason many people feel that when it comes to things that matter, no amount of planning is necessary. They simply “wish” and “hope” this year will be better than the last. It typically will not.

I recommend setting goals for Five key areas of our lives — Faith; Family; Finances; Fitness; and Career. Maybe two or three things in each category. Once you become more experienced at hitting your goals, you can increase the number of goals you can focus on in any given year. Even if you only have one goal this year and you plan and execute and make mid-course corrections and actually hit the goal or come close, that would be a better strategy than many goals unachieved.

Faith – This could include attending, reading, praying, giving, serving, etc.

Family – This could include date nights with your significant other, vacation plans, quality time, activities, reconciliation, listening, etc.

Fitness – This could include exercise, diet, healthy living, fat loss, muscle gain, blood pressure reduction, medication reduction, sugar count reduction, etc.

Finances – This could include saving money, paying off a debt, learning more, investing, 401K, etc.

Career – This could include training, getting to the next level, better attendance, better attitude, being a mentor, learning, selling more, CSI, etc.

Whatever you set as your goals and priorities for 2021, do not set-it-and-forget-it. I recommend looking at your goals at a minimum once per month. Make an action plan that will get you there. Then, if you find yourself behind as it relates to the achievement of a goal, you will need to make a midcourse correction and step on the gas for the remainder of the year.

Make sure your goals are in reach and realistic. It is nice to dream big but if you cannot achieve the small stuff, the big stuff will also be unattended to.


Author: ebtgains

Stephen is a seasoned leader in the automotive industry. He has a unique blend of achieving results, with an extremely high level of satisfaction for both the guest and the employee. Having a solid background in service and parts, there is a daily sense of urgency to maximize each opportunity. He is a process driven GM for a public automotive group with a passion for personal and professional growth. He is always maximizing EBT opportunities and is open and willing to share ideas and results.

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