Fork Use

Many times, people wish they could be more successful in their career. They might even wish that they could just have a simple breakthrough. The problem is; wishing is a poor business strategy.

Imagine if every time you ate, you ate with your fingers. Then, someone showed you a fork and how to use it. Instantly your eating experience would be improved greatly. But then, at your next meal, you ate with your hands again until someone had to point out that you can use a fork, which you already have been made aware of. You thank them, use a fork but on your next meal you repeat again eating with your hands. I know this sounds ludicrous. But that is exactly what stops most people from getting to the next level in their career.

It happens every day in corporate America. Millions of dollars are spent on training, sharing the newest tips and tricks of the trade, and mapping out the processes that lead to a desired result. The people attend, take notes, and return to the workplace only to be told in time that they can use a “fork.”

They hear and see good ideas but do not implement a system in their daily routine to do the very things that they just learned that lead to success. I always say that I might not be the smartest person in the room but I am second-to-none at hearing a good idea and implementing it in my daily routine. Yes – it has to be daily. I once heard someone say that a person does not control their earthly destiny but they do control their habits and their habits will in fact control their earthly destiny. The ones who implement good business practices daily, seem to be further ahead than the ones who don’t.

The quicker you learn to use a “fork”, the quicker you will get to your goals. Stop starting and stopping — and starting and stopping again. If you have been shown how to get the job done, don’t be in the place where you have to reminded again to do so. Or worse; again and again and again and again to do so. Get out of your own way and use a fork would ya!

Author: ebtgains

Stephen is a seasoned leader in the automotive industry. He has a unique blend of achieving results, with an extremely high level of satisfaction for both the guest and the employee. Having a solid background in service and parts, there is a daily sense of urgency to maximize each opportunity. He is a process driven GM for a public automotive group with a passion for personal and professional growth. He is always maximizing EBT opportunities and is open and willing to share ideas and results.

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