Stand Alone

Every single person in the world is a one-of-a-kind. Remarkably unique. There are no two people exactly alike. Even identical twins differ. The fact that everyone has their very own fingerprint, is an extraordinary differential, setting everyone apart from each other. If we would stop there and realize that we are unique and that we were made by design, we could accomplish so much and be happier in the process.

The danger comes crashing in when in comparing and coveting become an everyday occurrence.  

When we compare ourselves against another human being, one of three things will likely happen. First, we may feel superior because after all of our comparing against a particular individual is completed, we will see that (in our mind) we are further along, more talented, have more money, live in a bigger house, or a host of other things that will puff us up. This breeds arrogance and many other attitudes and habits that are not justified. They are not justified, because comparing our strengths to another’s weaknesses is absurd.

Second, we may feel average after comparing ourselves to others and this can seem to satisfy us because we don’t feel too weird, too tall, too short, too fill-in-the-blank. This is a very dangerous place to be because mediocrity never really accomplishes anything. Ever. It is also fertile ground for apathy. Apathy is ugly and one of the highest dream killers of all time, because it keeps people from action.

Lastly, we may feel we have less after comparing ourselves to another person. Less successful, less good-looking, less outgoing, less friends, less life experiences, and the list goes on and on.

The world is full of imposters. It is full of people trying desperately to fit in, only to find themselves depressed and full of anxiety while they chase the very things that they were never designed to catch. When we covet someone else’s position, looks, spouse, bank account, and more, we can quickly get on a hamster wheel trying to catch “them”, trying to be more like “them”, wishing we were “them”– and everyone has a “them” if we were honest with ourselves. But “them” is for them, not you. Desiring what others have ultimately leads us to a place where we are not satisfied (and probably where most mid-life crisis originate from.)

If you will learn to walk in your own skin, run your own race, and win your own battles, you will find yourself much happier. I liken it to a key to a car. The key is programed for a specific VIN number and it will not start any car in the world except the one it was designed to start. No one would be angry that their car key is not starting the neighbors car but on the same token they will get upset that their life (key) isn’t exactly like or better than their neighbor’s.

Everything made has a purpose. But everything made is not multi-purpose. Everything made was made intentionally. That includes you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You were intentional, even if someone has told you were an accident. There are no accidents in human creation. The secret is being content in what you were created for. You were not created to be a failure. However, in success lies many setbacks that look like failure. Failure is not final unless you stay there. It is a temporary setback and once you overcome the setback, be sure more “failures” will follow. Keep pressing forward. You will succeed when you realize that you must walk in the footsteps you were created for. When this happens you will realize you can stand alone and succeed in your own endeavors – not duplicate someone else’s.

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