It’s all fun and games until . . .

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or is sued. Or something of the sorts. Compliance to legal affairs, and processes upon processes of seemingly wasteful resources, are daunting and most of us come kicking and screaming when it comes to falling in line with all of the guidelines required of us. Until we need it.

I recently was challenged by a customer regarding the purchase of a used vehicle, that was bought two years earlier. She called and threatened that she was told by the sales consultant that the car she purchased was a Certified Pre-Owned and should come with a robust warranty, zero dollar deductible, trip interruption, roadside assistance, and complimentary maintenance.

I took the liberty of pulling her deal from two years prior. All of the documents she signed and initialed stated the car was used. Only the remainder of the factory warranty remained, etc. There was not a whisper of the vehicle being a certified Pre-Owned.

Because the staff at my store did their job, and did it well, this customer has decided to purchase another vehicle, which is a Certified Pre-Owned with all of the benefits mentioned above. It is a win, when it easily could have been a loss. On the original deal, the staff did not pick and choose what “i” to dot or what “t” to cross, and all of the paperwork was bulletproof. There was not a question that our staff “sold” her on something she was not aware of receiving.

So, compliance is not fun and sometimes seems meaningless. It only matters when it matters. The problem is, we never know when it will matter. So, I encourage you to do your job and do the things that are required of you, no matter how mundane. And do it before someone loses an eye.

Author: ebtgains

Stephen is a seasoned leader in the automotive industry. He has a unique blend of achieving results, with an extremely high level of satisfaction for both the guest and the employee. Having a solid background in service and parts, there is a daily sense of urgency to maximize each opportunity. He is a process driven GM for a public automotive group with a passion for personal and professional growth. He is always maximizing EBT opportunities and is open and willing to share ideas and results.

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